Jennifer Cohen, co-founder, Seven Stones Leadership:

“Out of our work with Rich Bruer, we created a brand promise statement that we read every week. It is the foundation for our whole company. We use it to source our communications, our brand, our look and feel. This work could not be more critical for the overall well being and future of our company. Rich is subtle, smart, steady, genius in moments when you need it most, always humble, always gracious, a classy polished professional. I hold him in highest regard. You will, too! Hiring Rich remains one of the best choices we made in the launch of our company.”

Scott Lewis, founder and former CEO, Brightworks:

“Rich Bruer brings a great blend of deep experience and insight in marketing, branding and message strategy with clarity and commitment in the sustainability space.  We know we can always rely on Rich to help guide us in how we can improve how we show up in the market.”

Brian Setzler, founder, TriLibrium:

“The process Rich led us through was very valuable. We had a good business plan, and he honed it to a tip. Rich’s process moved us from our business plan into our brand identity, which then became the foundation for our name, logo, messages and website. By leading us in developing our brand, Rich helped us get farther, faster. As a new startup, we are farther ahead of where I thought we would be at this point. Looking back now a few months, our branding has been phenomenally successful. Our brand promise truly resonates with our target market. We’re delivering on it. And our clients are referring us to others. It just works. And we return regularly to the brand statement that resulted from our work with Rich to remind us of who we are and what we stand for. It really keeps us focused.”

Kay Sohl, founder and former executive director, TACS:

“Rich has a gift of being able to express complex concepts in ways that resonate. What makes him so valuable is that he has the listening skills and the patience to let the group do its work. He helped TACS get a clear message. We were stumped for years on how to say it concisely.”

Melissa Thomsen, former development director, Parrott Creek Child and Family Services:

“Changing our messaging was about changing our perspective. By changing our perspective, Rich changed the organizational dynamic. It gave us permission to tell our story. We felt freer. We had shed the heavy weights of the past.”

Justin Yuen, founder, FMYI:

“Rich helped us understand our foundation as a company, which is what we needed to do to figure out where we want to go and how we want to grow. It takes someone from the outside to see things more clearly because we are too close to things day to day. Rich understands mission-based business approaches, which distinguishes his firm from general branding consultants. Our work together infused even more commitment in our firm to our mission. Rich’s process helped create a greater sense of vision, passion and motivation among our staff, including new employees joining our team. And the focus and energy of our brand identity has already translated into more empowered customers, new business development successes and stronger partnerships.”

Chas Martin, former director of communications, The Natural Step Network:

“The Natural Step Network engaged R.Bruer Company to help us define our brand. We discovered far more potential within our organization than we thought possible. Rich Bruer is a master at guiding a well-honed process without imposing his perspective. His objectivity helped us shorten and sharpen our mission statement. From that foundation, he led us through a series of collaborative activities which created a fresh vision – one that had previously evaded us. Instead of creating a brand to represent us, we discovered a brand that will grow from our core values. It will grow from our unique understanding of our mission and purpose. That is the essence of a brand that can and will grow and prosper. In retrospect, it was easy. We learned a great deal about ourselves and our potential. Rich guided us past the obstacles that every organization struggles to overcome to a new understanding of our worth.”

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