The organizations I work with always have good stories. It comes with the territory of operating from a larger purpose and doing the right thing for individuals, communities and the environment. But many groups lack an understanding of how to harness the power of story and build a storytelling culture.

Storytelling workshops

I am a former newspaper journalist and principal of a marketing communications agency. I use this experience to design workshops that familiarize staff and board leaders and teams with how they can use stories to engage, inspire and motivate the individuals and groups who are key to their success. Topics I cover include:

  • Why storytelling matters in the information (glut) era
  • What distinguishes stories from other forms of communications
  • What constitutes a story
  • What a storytelling organization looks like
  • How to make strategic use of stories
  • How to spot the best stories
  • How to use story in building brands and generating revenue
  • How to develop personal stories

Story development

If you’re grounded in the practice of storytelling, I will help you build brand and message strategies that guide your story choices. Along with my creative partners, I’ll help bring your stories to life, whether  written, video, audio or oral.

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