Organizational Branding

Your brand is both the promise your organization makes to others and the experience they have of you. Ideally, others experience you exactly the way you promise.

Aligning what you promise with what others experience is at the heart of my branding approach. You can think of it as walking the talk.

The Talk

The Talk is what you tell others — in any form of communication — about who you are, what you stand for and value, what makes you distinct, why others should care.

I’ll help you define a brand that fills in all of these blanks in terms that are simple, concrete, inspiring and credible. I do this through:

  • Research that gauges how others internally and externally perceive and experience your organization
  • Analysis of how competitive or similar organizations brand, market and communicate
  • Collaboration with you through workshops, brainstorming sessions or other means to define the essential components of your distinct, relevant brand identity
  • Creation of a brand identity statement that becomes a definitive guide for the operations, culture, communications and marketing of your organization

I also offer complementary positioning and messaging services that translate your brand identity into consistent and “on-brand” communications to all of your key stakeholders.

The Walk

Most branding services will take your brand directly into visual design and marketing communications. And they’ll neglect the piece that may matter most of all — The Walk — your ability as organization to deliver on the promise of your brand.

Besides executing your brand identity visually and throughout your marketing communications, my partners and I will fully support you in “operationalizing” your brand. You’ll gain tools and training that ensure your employees, culture and operations deliver the brand experience you promise.

The Outcomes

When our work together is complete, you’ll be equipped with:

  • An objective assessment of your organization and brand
  • A fresh, distinct, relevant brand identity
  • The tools and training to operationalize your brand

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