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Whether I’m supporting you as a consultant, coach or facilitator, I never lose sight of your why, your reason we’re working together in the first place. Every step we take together is designed to move you toward aligning and achieving your purpose and goals – as an organization, group, brand or individual. You can rely on me to listen deeply, surface your most important issues, and lead you to quality decisions and clear direction.

How I can help

Planning Consultant

I’ll assess your nonprofit, business or department and its operating environment and then guide you to effective strategic and action plans. No matter the form your organization takes, I’ll help you answer your most fundamental questions: who are we, why do we exist, why do we matter, what makes us different, where are we headed and how will we get there? This becomes the foundation I use for helping you set strategic direction, establish your brand, develop a revenue or fundraising strategy or build a marketing plan.

Retreat Facilitator

I’ll facilitate retreats and other special meetings for your board of directors, team or group. The meetings may have many purposes: planning, goal-setting, addressing critical issues, revisiting your mission, identity or position, gathering stakeholder feedback and more. I’ll develop agendas, design meeting flow and structure and lead your group to productive and satisfying outcomes to your retreat or key meeting.

Executive Coach

I’ll coach you as an executive or professional to make decisions and plans that help you make the difference you seek. I draw from years of experience as an entrepreneur, employer, executive and organizational strategist to offer insights and inspiration that help you find or create the meaning and impact you want from your work.  Read a lot more about my executive coaching practice here.

Communications Advisor

I’ll lead your executive, marketing or communications team through comprehensive communications planning, message development and storytelling. I offer deep communications expertise developed across three decades as a marketing agency principal, corporate communications executive, and consultant to businesses and nonprofits.

Interim executive

I’ll fill key business development and marketing leadership roles during periods of organizational transition.

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